Avio is a leading company in the space propulsion sector, with the main headquarters in Colleferro, Rome. The company offers competitive solutions to launch institutional, governmental and commercial cargoes in Earth orbit, via the Vega rocket family. The skills and the experience accumulated in more than 50 years, today allows Avio to compete with the main players in the field of solid and liquid propulsion, for space launchers and military tactical missiles. The origins of Avio are in Colleferro with the Bombrini-Parodi-Delfino BPD, established in 1912 with the aim of being a manufacturing centre of explosives and chemicals.

In 1966 the successes in the new propellants earned BPD the contract with the European Launcher Development Organization (ELDO) for the development and production of the apogee engine of the telecommunications satellite ELDOPAS. This first experience, largely positive, was transformed into a rapid development of the activity in the field of solid propellant engines.

Today, Avio designs, develops, manufactures and assembles space launchers. The company develops and produces solid and liquid propulsion systems and payload adapters. Avio is a leader in the research and development of new materials and equipment for space applications.

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AVIO is a leading company in the space propulsion sector
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