Spazio Colleferro is a new place, returned to the city because of the recovery and the functional regeneration of the former IPIA architectural complex (Paolo Parodi Delfino Professional Institute of Industry and Crafts). Dedicated to culture, training and research, it is located in the core of the Foundation of the Monumental Complex of the Morandiana City and it is its gateway. Designed by Riccardo Morandi, it consists of two buildings (building A and building B), for a total surface area of 3,100 square meters, and an internal (courtyard) area of 1,025 square meters.

Building A, which will soon be subject to restoration, on which the banner of the SPAZIO Colleferro Museum will stand, currently hosts the Giuseppe Mazzini School of the Comprehensive Institute Colleferro II, the University of the Three Ages (UNITRE), in addition to some offices of the Municipality.

Building B, which will house the SPAZIO Colleferro Museum on the first floor, it is subject to an important restoration for the construction of the Riccardo Morandi Civic Library, Colleferro ‘900 Documentation Centre, the Morandiano Multimedia Archive, the Children’s Library, the Antonio Megalizzi Higher Education classroom and the Gymnasium.

The internal (courtyard) area will be regenerated and will be transformed into the Space Centre, hub and area dedicated to the SPAZIO Colleferro Museum, as a meeting place for the public to share.

The former IPIA Building Complex, therefore, will be for Colleferro, the entrance to the Monumental Complex of the Morandian City, and given its centrality in the urban space, and it being a connection between the residential city, administrative city, factory city and the garden city, will be a strongly identifying, lively, attractive cultural container and welcoming for the local community and for those coming from outside.

SPAZIO Colleferro will be the Beaubourg of Colleferro and the SPAZIO Colleferro Museum will obviously be a fundamental part of an authoritative context, alive, active and rich in cultural and social connections, experiential, not only local, but also national and international.

SPAZIO Colleferro will be completed by the Higher Education Room named after Antonio Megalizzi, a space dedicated to training and promotion of the European identity in our territory, the result of conception that space is Europe and is part of the city beyond the factory, anticipating the CVA Manifesto of Values.

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