Founded in 1998 as a non-profit organisation, the CVA – Community of Ariane Cities, brings together European cities, known as Ariane Cities, and partner industries working in European space transport.

CVA has 15 Cities, in six European countries, 3 Space Agencies and 18 Industrial Sites. Colleferro is, with Avio S.p.A., one of the cities that founded CVA.

CVA strengthens cooperation between members, informs representatives local elected officials on space activities in Europe, contributes to training of future professionals in the space sector with programs that cover technical, cultural, social and educational topics, to promote independent European access to space, thanks also promoting the Guiana Space Centre as a European spaceport.


  • Reach out to Europe’s citizens to inform them about space transportation issues, the extensive knowhow of the aerospace industry and the role it plays in the various Ariane Cities
  • Emphasise the social and economic implications of the European launcher programmes as
    drivers of technological progress
  • Communicate the vital importance of independent European access to space
  • Facilitate long-term cooperation between Ariane Cities, firms, space agencies, research institutes and the world of education
  • Provide programme scovering technical, cultural ande ducational subjects
    • Promote the Guiana Space Centre(CSG),Europe’s Spaceport, and the strategic role of French Guiana for Europe

Educational Programmes

  • Summer School: an annual 3-4 week programme in July/August targeting university students
    and young engineers from the aerospace industry
  • Professionals ’Visit to the CSG: a 5 to 7 day visit to French Guiana for Summer School alumni
  • Science Holidays: an annual 7 to 10 day programme for 14-17 year olds in July, hosted by a CVA Member City
  • Intercultural Seminars: seminars–currently entitled«Space and Europe»–consisting of 3
    one-week sessions for 15-17 year olds, each taking place in a different Member City
  • REVA(Educational Network of Ariane Cities): a 3-day programme, hosted by an Ariane City, to encourage the exchange of ideas and sharing of experience among secondary-school, university and professional-training staff.
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