A Project of Training, Technology, Culture and Industry

In 2022 Italy, with the city of Colleferro, Rome and the aerospace company Avio S.p.A., will be the presidency of the CVA Community of Ariane Cities and it will become the first European Capital of the Italian Space. It will be the chance to present Italy to the world as a cutting- edge country in technological and aerospace innovation. The Capital will not only resolve itself in a celebratory event, but it will be a chance for the regeneration of a territory that aims at social, cultural and economic development. Training, Technology, Culture and Industry will be the main categories of an extra district program, which will see its own culmination, in the creation of the new SPAZIO Colleferro Museum with Colleferro Innovation HUB project

What is AVIO?
AVIO is a leading company in the space propulsion sector
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Chairman of the CVA
European Capital of Space 2022
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